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RV Multiplex Control Systems: Low Current IO Module

About the Low Current IO Module – 00-01095-000

As mentioned in the last blog, the Road Commander RV Multiplex Control System is designed to control and monitor all modules on the RV or specialty vehicle. Today, we will focus on Road Commander’s Low Current IO Module or more simply, a lighting control.

Simply put, this RV electronic device is designed to control the interior and exterior lights, or other low current loads on the RV’s electrical system. The module allows for ON, OFF, or Dim modes for the interior and exterior.

The Low Current IO Module has 4 channel inputs, each rated at 5 Amps.

The Low Current IO Module has four output channels rated at 5 Amps. The module can be used independently as a component module, as part of the Road Commander Multiplex System, or as part of Intellitec’s Programmable Multiplex System (PMC).

Product Features

  • 8 Configurable inputs and outputs that allow for customized applications. This allows for the user to customize which lights are operated by the different commands. Create a morning wake up routine where the bedroom and kitchen light up so you rise from bed and start breakfast hassle free or operate a single light independently when the extra lighting isn’t necessary.
  • The Low Current IO Module, in addition to other RV electronics can be controlled by using OEM installed switches, Intellitec’s Touchscreen LCD panels, and Smart devices with the Intellitec Road Commander App.
The Road Commander Touchscreen controls the Low Current IO Module, allowing for the operation of the lights and everything else on the RV’s electrical system.
  • The Module and system can be expanded or adapted to previous model year coaches as well as great for up-fitters updating RV controls.
  • When inactive for a specified amount of time, the module enters a ‘sleep mode’ that minimizes the amount of power consumed as to prevent parasitic draw.
  • FET outputs provide ‘over current’ protection for each output. This allows for no further fusing being required. Additionally, the PWM controlled FETS allow the module to dim the lighting, instead of the fully on or off a basic wall switch limits the user to.
  • On-board indicators show network status and fault codes.

Contact Intellitec

To learn more about the Low Current IO Module or other Road Commander Multiplex Control Modules, check out Intellitec’s Product Page or reach out to our Application Engineer Manager.