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RV Multiplex Control Systems: Systems Monitor Module

The next module in the Road Commander Multiplex Control System for RVs is the Systems Monitor Module. Simply put, this module provides graphical depictions of the health and status of your recreational vehicle.

The System Monitor Module interprets the battery voltages for up to four battery banks, as well as the tank level status for a maximum of four tanks. The information is then sent to the LCD Touchscreen or the Road Commander Mobile App on your smart device.

The battery and power sources are the Auxiliary Power and/or Coach and Chassis sources. The Tank Levels are Fresh, Gray 1, gray 2, and Black. The data is collected and interpreted in real time, giving critical information on the critical levels within the RV.

This RV electronic is meant to provide an understandable display with the ‘health’ of your recreational vehicle. The monitor isn’t standalone as multiple monitors can be added to a system for additional tanks and battery banks. The System Monitor Module can be pared with the Blue Tooth Module to broadcast the data to the Road Commander App for smart devices.

To learn more about the Low Current IO Module or other Road Commander Multiplex Control Modules, check out Intellitec’s Product Page or reach out to our Application Engineer Manager.