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RV Multiplex Controls: HVAC Interface Module

This week’s featured Road Commander Multiplexing module is the HVAC Interface Module. This RV electronic provides an interface between the Road Commander System and the RV’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

This multiplexing module operates industry standard HVAC systems and is operated through the Road Commander Touchscreens or Mobile App for your smart device.

The HVAC Interface module for the Road Commander System offer control over multiple zones within the RV

Each HVAC Interface module can control two HVAC units. The HVAC Interface can control:

  • High and low fan speeds
  • Heating systems
  • Air Conditioning

If there are additional HVAC units, extra interface modules can be added to the system. The extra systems can be linked or controlled as independent zones.

To recap, the HVAC Interface is a useful RV electronic. Other than simply controlling the HVAC system, the module offers:

  • Independent control of two HVAC units
  • Uses standard external HVAC unit power interface
  • Heating may reverse cycle or direct electric
  • Supports additional modules
  • Automatic control of fan speed
  • Four heating and cooling set-points automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day
  • “Hold Temperature” feature overrides set back functions
  • Configurable parameters for installer
  • Fan Off Delay allows the fan to run after the compressor turns off for improved HVAC efficiency
  • Compressor short-cycle delay prevents damage to the compressor
  • Safety mode operates circulation fan after interruption to power
  • Automatic detection of temperature sensor faults
  • On-board indicators show status of all inputs, outputs, and network status

To learn more about the HVAC Interface Module or other Road Commander Multiplex Control Modules, check out Intellitec’s Product Page or reach out to our Application Engineer Manager.