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Emergency Services

Intellitec - Keeping You Moving - Truck

Intellitec have been active in the emergency services market in the UK & USA since 1995. Intellitec have many thousands of parts and systems in use within this very important sector on a daily basis. The electrical specification of Police, Fire & Ambulance vehicles can be extremely complex, the functionality expectations can be very hard to achive with hard wiring, a multiplex system is often the only realistic way of achieving such complex logic.

Intellitec`s Programmable Multiplex Control ( PMC ) is used by many emergency service OEM`s it is simple to implement and indeed program , it is also an extremely rugged and reliable system as proven on very many emergency service fleets since 1997. One such fleet is London Fire & Rescue, all Londons Fire & Rescue vehicles use the Intellitec PMC system. The renewal of the London Fleet was one of the worlds largest Fire & Rescue vehicle orders, Intellitec were chosen not only as the preffered system supplier, we were also invited to tender for all the system design and integration work. Intellitec won the contract and built and delivered over three hundred systems for this very high profile customer.

In the USA companies such as WS Darley, Horton, AEV, Crimson Fire, Braun Industries, Farber Industries, Fast Lane Emergency Vehicles, Taylor Made Ambulance, utilise a number of Intellitec products and systems.

In 2009 Intellitec were asked to tender for a very large contract in the UK with regards to the implementation of a new radio and communications set that was due to be implemented post the events of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London. This contract was to see over 4500 new radio and communication systems installed to every single Fire & Rescue vehicle in the UK.

There was a concern about the amount of battery power drawn by the new communication system and Intellitec were invited to a meeting to discuss the best way of combating the issue. From these discussions Battery Guard 3000 was born a new and fully programmable battery protection system was quickly put into our R&D program. By the end of 2009 Intellitec had been nominated as the battery protection system supplier and indeed were tasked with engineering a complete assembly to take the radio set as well. Intellitec delivered the project on time and on price across the whole of the UK and continue to work with every Fire & Rescue authority in the country.

Also in the UK, Intellitec were chosen as the preffered system for the recent UK Border Agency project for a very large number of vehicles built by Kinetic in North Yorkshire, we are also working on various Police vehicle projects with our IPLC, these include riot and crowd control vehicles, dog vans and armed response units.