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Lift Gate Battery Guard

Part number: 10-00698-000

Intellitec were aproached some time ago to develop a Battery Guard system for the Lift Gate market, we launched the initial system in 2007. Since its launch the Lift Gate Battery Guard has been installed by many of the worlds Lift Gate manufacturers and fleet operators.

Lift Gates draw huge ammounts of current from the battery and it does not take very long for the Lift Gate to kill a battery stone dead resulting in the operator not being able to start the truck. Rental / Hire fleets will give testament to this perennial but avoidable issue. Lift Gate motors and componenets really dont perform well when operated at low voltage condition, it certainly reduces there functional life expectancy quite dramatically. 

The Intellitec Lift Gate Battery Guard is rugged in design, it has to be, there is probably no tougher environment in the world in which electronics have to function than inside a Lift Gate pump enclosure. You have high moisture, grease, chemical, huge tempreture fluctautions to name just a few challenges. 
The Intellitec Lift Gate Battery Guard was designed to live with this environment, it fits in series with the Lift Gate pump solenoid and is installed easily to any Lift Gate in thirty minutes. The Lift Gate Battery Guard provides the operator with an audible and visual warning of low voltage condition for 2 minutes prior to automatic low voltage disconnect. There is no reset switch, once activated, the operator is forced to start the truck and charge the battery, once Lift Gate Battery Guard sees the battery being re charged we automatically re connect power so the Lift Gate can continue to be used. 
Lift Gate Battery Guard is perfect for rental fleets anywhere, contact us to discuss your application.
Weight: 0.00lbs
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