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Motor Control with Audible alarm

Part number: 00-00971-000/-100/-200/-300

Intellitec's Motor Control with voice output is part of the expanding family of the MONOPLEXTM System.These controllers are designed to control theoperation of a   slide out room electrical mechanism.To operate the room,the owner would simply press and hold the button in the desired direction(In or Out). With the jumper in the default setting, there is delay in operation of the slide-out to allow for a voice announcement that the slide-out is in motion.

The motion of the slide-out may be stopped at any time by releasing the button.When the slide out reaches it's outer most limit, the unit will sense the rise in current and switch off the power to the slide out motor. To move the room back in again, the owner will press and hold the button in the desired direction. Again, there is a short delay in operation of the slide- out to allow for a voice announcement that the slide- out is in motion.
When the slide out reaches it's inner most position, the controller will sense the rise in current and will shut off power to the motor. Direction control is accomplished by using the rocker switch terminated at the MPX Bus input. The module operates by sensing the voltage on the MPX bus input. When the MPX bus is at 12 Volts, the motors are at rest.  As the switch is depressed (In or Out direction) each function sends a different load to the module which in turn interprets the direction of travel.
The Current Adjust is used to prevent damaging the motors or opening of the fuse or circuit breaker for the slide-out unit.   If the current exceeds a preset level, the module shuts off. To restart the motor, press the switch in the another direction.
Weight: 0.00lbs
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