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Intellitec launches the Command Center

Sleek New Convenience Panel with Graphic Displays Deland Florida, Intellitec Products LLC will introduce ...

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Intellitec introduces 4 new Road Commander modules

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Intellitec Products, LLC Expands Road Commander family of pro...

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Intellitec have been designing and manufacturing multiplexed solutions for the special vehicle market since 1987, these products and systems range from simple multi point switching controllers used in the RV sector, through to complete vehicle systems used in Buses, Coaches and Emergency Service vehicles worldwide.

Programmable Multiplex Control ( PMC ) has 320 channels of I/O across a very significant family of I/O hardware architecture to suit the majority of applications. PMC operates with one master module ( CPU ) with various I/O. Each I/O module has ten channels, you can have as little as 1 I/O module in a system, or as many as 32. The Intellitec Windows based PMC software suite WIN PMC is used to configure the system, only the master or CPU requires programming. Win PMC is a series of AND, NOT & OR commands, coupled with timers and 160 virtual channels make this an extremely powerful tool. For full and detailed technical data, please download our PMC Catalog. 
Intellitec Programmable Logic Control ( IPLC ) offers the vehicle builder a new and powerful option for the special vehicle builder. IPLC is master / slave all in one module, it has 20 outputs and ten inputs all of which are configurable in software. As well as that, we have 2 analog inputs, temperature input, lux input, data logging and counters all in the one hardware module. IPLC is also expandable and will communicate with all PMC modules. We have also designed in two CANBUS lines for future expansion and OE integration. Download our detailed technical data below.


Road Commander is the latest programmable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec. The initial release sees 7 hardware modules, Road Commander configuration GUI & Road Commander configurable smart phone or tablet APP for both Android & IOS devices. Road Commander is the perfect solution for the RV industry, the system is very simple to install and requires no special training or software experience, if you can click a box, you can program Road Commander.

Whilst the system is Bluetooth compatible, the system modules can also be a very cost effective hard wired control system as well, using any type of switch or button the OEM or converter chooses.