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Intellitec introduces 4 new Road Commander modules

Corporate Press Release:

Intellitec Products, LLC Expands Road Commander family of pro...

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Intellitec Products LLC hires new President

June 1st 2017

Intellitec Products, LLC Appoints Ned Schiff as New Presid...

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Road Commander is the latest OEM configurable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec Products LLC. The initial release sees 7 hardware modules, a Road Commander configuration application tool and the Road Comm...
Product ID: see brochure
The Road Commander Bluetooth interface module provides an interface between new or existing Road Commander systems and various smart phones and tablets. All features of the Road Commander system are available through the Bluetooth connection. ...
Product ID: 00-01094-000
The Road Commander Low Current I/O module is intended for use on low current loads within the Recreational Vehicle, lighting control interior or exterior , On, Off and Dim being one specific application. The maximum output lo...
Product ID: 00-01095.000
The Road Commander High Current Module provides a high current load with power to operate. Examples of such high current loads are: extending and retracting the slide-out room; operation of a water pump or water heater. The ...
Product ID: 00-01096-000
The Road Commander Systems Monitor Module provides graphical depiction of the health and status of your recreational vehicle. The System Monitor interprets the battery voltages for up to four banks, and reads the tank level status for up to four tan...
Product ID: 00-01097-000
The Road Commander HVAC module provides an interface between new or existing Road Commander systems and vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is intended to operate seamlessly with industry standard HVAC components and allow...
Product ID: 00-01105-000
The 7 inch Touch screen from Intellitec Products LLC is the latest addition to the Road Commander series of products. The Touch screen is a flush mount 7 inch hardwired CANBUS capacitive touch LCD that has been designed to function with th...
Product ID: 00-01106-000
The Road Commander generator interface allows a new or existing Road Commander system to remotely start and stop typical recreational vehicle generators. The generator may be operated via external switches, touchscreens, or smart device Bluetooth ap...
Product ID: 00-01108-000
The Command Center is a cutting edge approach to the convenience panel that has been used in the RV market for many years. Command Center uses the latest in capacitive touch technology to control the lighting, heater, generator, and motorized loads ...
Product ID: 00-01107-000