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H Bridge High Current IO

Part number: 00-01096-000

The Road Commander High Current Module provides a high current load with power to operate. Examples of such high current loads are: extending and retracting the slide-out room; operation of a water pump or water heater.

The Slide-out and High Current Module, is designed to operate and control the retraction and extension of a room slide-out system. This product derives bi-directional operation from a single power source. The module is rated to supply up to 30 Amperes continuously to extend or retract a single slide-out room.

The High Current module is configurable to turn ON or activate a water pump or supply power to a water heater if desired. Configured in this mode of operation, only one, (1), output channel is active and is capable of supplying a load current up to a maximum of 20 Amperes. The load current for each output channel is configurable through using the module configuration tool to provide the proper level of circuit protection.

Weight: 0.00lbs
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