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Intellitec launches the Command Center

Sleek New Convenience Panel with Graphic Displays Deland Florida, Intellitec Products LLC will introduce ...

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Intellitec introduces 4 new Road Commander modules

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Intellitec Products, LLC Expands Road Commander family of pro...

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Intellitec - Keeping You Moving - Truck

Intellitec has been supplying products and services to the public services – utility sector since 1994, companies such as National Grid, British Gas, British Telecom all use Intellitec systems within their vehicle fleets.

Public service and utility service vehicles can have a very significant electrical specification; often they require the addition of AGM or Gel secondary battery banks to be able to cope with the current draw used by on board computers, communications, microwaves, kettles and potentially many other peripheral electrical devices. The upshot of this level of electrical specification can often be a dead or flat battery, most utilities or public service providers are tied into timed services so this unplanned vehicle downtime can have very significant repercussions without even considering the financial penalties.

National Grid in the UK use the Intellitec Battery Guard 3000 on all their vehicles and have done for many years, like many utility service providers the electrical specification of their vehicles have been increasing for years. Quite simply, the Battery Guard 3000 only has to operate once to more than cover the cover the cost of both the system and indeed the installation. The electrical specification can also call for other logic – functionality that with standard wiring can be difficult to achieve, Run Lock, interlocks, Idle Control, Flash Patterns etc etc can be provided by a number of the Intellitec logic controllers and Multiplex systems.