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Intelligent Use of Technology


Battery Disconnects

Relays and Kits

Battery Isolation and Management

IRD, B.I.R.D.®, Battery Guard®, Battery Control Centers

Intelligent Battery Charging

Battery Run Down Protection

Lighting Control

Cargo Light, FET Modules, Road Commander, & Command Center

Motor Controls

Water Pump, Slide Outs, Wiper Systems, Dive Platforms, Boarding Doors, & Bow Thrusters

Water Pumps

Slide Out Room Controllers

Power Distribution and Energy Management

Fuse Panel, AESS, Automatic Transfer Switch, & EMS

Multiplexing and Convenience Panels

PMC, IPLC, & Road Commander

Intellitec has been designing and manufacturing multiplexed solutions for the special vehicle market since 1987. These products and systems range from simple multi point switching controllers to complete vehicle systems used in RV, Buses, Trucks, and Emergency Service Vehicles worldwide.

Road Commander

Road Commander is the latest programmable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec. The initial release includes 7 hardware modules, Road Commander configuration GUI & Road Commander configurable smart phone or tablet APP for both Android & IOS devices. Road Commander is the perfect solution for the RV and specialty vehicle industry. The system is very simple to install, navigate and requires no special training or software experience.  If you can click a box, you can program Road Commander. The system is Bluetooth compatible and can be hard wired controlled using any type of switch or button the OEM or converter chooses.

Programmable Multiplex Control PMC

Programmable Multiplex Control ( PMC ) has 320 channels of I/O across a very significant family of I/O hardware architecture to suit the majority of applications. PMC operates with one master module ( CPU ) with various I/O. Each I/O module has ten channels, you can have as little as 1 I/O module in a system, or as many as 32. The Intellitec Windows based PMC software suite WIN PMC is used to configure the system, only the master or CPU requires programming. Win PMC is a series of AND, NOT & OR commands, coupled with timers and 160 virtual channels make this an extremely powerful tool. For full and detailed technical data, please download our PMC Catalog.


Switches and Touch Controls

Switch panels, Emergency Time Manager, RC

Display Systems

Intellitec Design and manufacture a wide variety of display systems for the special vehicle and marine sector. Our display products range from simple battery voltage with disconnect displays used by various RV OEMS, to ship system indicators for well know boat manufacturers, special purpose time managers for the paramedic market and LCD displays used in the bus & coach market. Like many of our products and systems we take inspiration from our ever increasing customer base. We welcome customers new and old with there display ideas. 

Custom Panels and Contract Manufacturing

Intellitec offers custom engineered panels to supply OEM’s with a plug and play system. Fully tested, our panels greatly reduce the installation cost and improve the quality of your control and monitoring system.

Cost competitive quick turn contract manufacturing services are also available for low and higher volume needs. Intellitec builds through-hole, surface mount and hybrid printed circuits, harnesses, assemblies and control panels at our 35,000 state of the art ISO9001:2015 facility.

To learn more about Intellitec's contract manufacturing capabilities, click on the link.