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Road Commander Multiplex Control system

RV Multiplex Controls: Bluetooth Module

Connecting the Road Commander Multiplex System to your smart devices is enabled by the RoadCommander Bluetooth Module. The Bluetooth Module allows for your RV’s system controls and data to be accessible from a smartphone or tablet through our Road Commander App. The Bluetooth Module gives the user control over: -DC Management -Lighting -Slide Outs -Lifts…

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RV Multiplex Controls: Genset Interface Module

The Generator Interface Module is a RV electronic that allows the system to start and stop generators onboard a recreational vehicle. The Genset Interface is controllable via external switches, touchscreens, or smart devices through the Blue Tooth Module. Additionally, this module provides real time generator status information. Able to be controlled manually or automatically, this…

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RV Multiplex Controls: HVAC Interface Module

This week’s featured Road Commander Multiplexing module is the HVAC Interface Module. This RV electronic provides an interface between the Road Commander System and the RV’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This multiplexing module operates industry standard HVAC systems and is operated through the Road Commander Touchscreens or Mobile App for your smart device.…

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RV Multiplex Control Systems: Systems Monitor Module

The next module in the Road Commander Multiplex Control System for RVs is the Systems Monitor Module. Simply put, this module provides graphical depictions of the health and status of your recreational vehicle. The System Monitor Module interprets the battery voltages for up to four battery banks, as well as the tank level status for…

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RV Multiplex Control Systems: H Bridge High Current IO Module

The next module featured in the Road Commander Multiplex Control System for RV’s is the H Bridge High Current IO Module. The module is designed as a multipurpose module capable of driving high current loads. This RV electronic can be configured for different uses. When configured as a slide-out module, the high current module can…

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RV Multiplex Control Systems: Low Current IO Module

About the Low Current IO Module – 00-01095-000 As mentioned in the last blog, the Road Commander RV Multiplex Control System is designed to control and monitor all modules on the RV or specialty vehicle. Today, we will focus on Road Commander’s Low Current IO Module or more simply, a lighting control. Simply put, this…

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Multiplex Control Systems for RVs

RVing has a long and treasured history. It is believed to have been inspired by the roaming Roma caravans of the 1800s. However, the exact birth date of the RV is unknown. The Origins of RVing Early models such as the 1928 Ford Model House Car offered a solution for those who couldn’t afford both…

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