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Intelligent Use of Technology

Battery Guard 1000® RV-C


The Battery Guard® 1000 RV‐C is a battery disconnect and DC management Device. The primary disconnect uses Intellitect’s 100A Battery Disconnect Relay (US Patent #4,628,289) that has been used by the transportation industry for over 25 years. The auxiliary bypass output supports up to 3A and is independently controlled from the primary disconnect. Unique to this Battery Guard is the over‐current and over‐temperature shutdowns which provide additional safety and protection for the vehicles electrical system. The Battery Guard® 1000 RV‐C includes features such as automatic disconnect and reconnect, manual disconnect and reconnect, alarm output status and fault indication. Designed with independent disconnects and 2 RV‐C communication ports, one switched power and one constant power, advanced electrical systems can be created maximizing system power efficiency. With the RV‐C ports the module can provide vital information about the battery levels and power consumption, system healthy, status and more on the network to provide the end user with real‐time feedback about how their vehicle’s electrical system is operating.