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Road Commander RV Multiplex System

Road Commander is the latest programmable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec. The initial release includes 7 hardware modules, Road Commander configuration GUI & Road Commander configurable smart phone or tablet APP for both Android & IOS devices. Road Commander is the perfect solution for the RV and specialty vehicle industry. The system is very simple to install, navigate and requires no special training or software experience. If you can click a box, you can program Road Commander. The system is wireless communications compatible and can be hard wired controlled using any type of switch or button the OEM or converter chooses.

Control Modules

Low Current I/O Module

The Road Commander Low Current I/O module is intended for use on low current loads within the Recreational Vehicle, lighting control interior or exterior, On, Off and Dim being one specific application.
The maximum output load current for each of the four channels is five, 5 Amps. The Low Current I/O module has four available output channels rated at 5 Amps each. The maximum current draw from the Low Current module is 20 Amperes.
The Low Current I/O module has eight Input channels which may be used to activate the lighting zones within the motorized vehicle or travel trailer. These inputs can be configured as a high-side or low-side activation through the module configuration program. Multiple low current modules may be used to complement the wireless control and operation of any low current device.

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H Bridge High Current I/O Module

The Road Commander High Current Module provides a high current load with power to operate. Examples of such high current loads are: extending and retracting the slide-out room; operation of a water pump or water heater.
The Slide-out and High Current Module, is designed to operate and control the retraction and extension of a room slide-out system. This product derives bi-directional operation from a single power source. The module is rated to supply up to 30 Amperes continuously to extend or retract a single slide-out room.
The High Current module is configurable to turn ON or activate a water pump or supply power to a water heater if desired. Configured in this mode of operation, only one, (1), output channel is active and is capable of supplying a load current up to a maximum of 20 Amperes. The load current for each output channel is configurable through using the module configuration tool to provide the proper level of circuit protection.

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HVAC Interface Module

The Road Commander HVAC module provides an interface between new or existing Road Commander systems and vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is intended to operate seamlessly with industry standard HVAC components and allows operation of these systems via touchscreens or smart device applications.
Each interface module can control two HVAC units with high and low fan speeds, heating, and air conditioning. Additional modules may be installed to control addition HVAC units. Settings for all HVAC units may be linked or controlled as independent zones.
System software provides manual and automatic control and “set back” functions. The HVAC module provides direct heat control for reverse cycle installations. All installations require a standard analog control for each HVAC unit, and an external relay is required for direct electric heat applications.

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Genset Interface Module

The Road Commander generator interface allows a new or existing Road Commander system to remotely start and stop typical recreational vehicle generators. The generator may be operated via external switches, touchscreens, or smart device Wireless Communication applications.
Additional module inputs provide generator status information. System software provides manual and automatic start, and scheduled “quiet times”. Automatic start functions may be enabled based on HVAC demand via the Road Commander HVAC Interface module (00-01105-000) or by vehicle battery voltage via Road Commander System Monitor module (00-01097-000). The generator interface is configurable via PC and supports various generators including models from Onan, Honda, and Kohler.

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30A Fused H-Bridge Module

The 00‐01116‐XYZ Module is a 5x H‐bridge output module capable of driving 30 amps per output at a time. Each of the H‐Bridge outputs are independently fused using standard ATO blade fuses. It is capable of driving ALL 5 H‐Bridges up to 5 amps. This allows for the module to be dual purposed as a Slide out control module of a Shade/Awning module. The 1116 receives its control messages using the CAN port on J‐15. Its outputs must be driven continuously meaning that the outputs will timeout if otherwise. This is a safety feature to prevent any input from getting stuck and driving the slide out when not requested.

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System Operations

Wireless Communications Module

The Road Commander Wireless Connections module provides an interface between new or existing Road Commander systems and various smart phones and tablets. All features of the Road Commander system are available through the wireless communications connection.
This includes vehicle lighting and motor control, system monitoring, vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and vehicle generators. Each 1094 module provides connection to a single smart device. Additional modules may be installed to allow connection to multiple devices. Smart device applications are available for Android and iPhone devices. This product also includes 4 inputs. These inputs may be mapped to a variety of system functions including wireless communications pairing, and system interlock based on vehicle ignition, brake signals, or any other 12v signal. The module also includes inputs for Intellitec PMC networks and the module may be used to control PMC devices on a single PMC loop.

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Systems Monitor Module

The Road Commander Systems Monitor Module provides graphical depiction of the health and status of your recreational vehicle. The System Monitor interprets the battery voltages for up to four banks, and reads the tank level status for up to four tanks and sends this information to your SMART Device and/or LCD panels.
The battery or power sources are the Auxiliary power and/or Coach and Chassis sources. The Tank Levels, (Fresh, Gray1, Gray2, and Black) are collected and are available so the user can have up to the moment information on the critical levels within the recreational vehicle.
The System Monitor module provides an easy to use and understandable display of the ‘health’ of your recreational vehicle remotely through the use of your SMART device. The System Monitor is not a ‘stand-alone’ component module, but multiple System Monitors may be installed within the same model. The System Monitor module is used in conjunction with the Wireless Communications Module in order to communicate the information to your SMART device. The module is internally protected from over-current situations.

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Mega Module

The Road Commander Mega Module is an all in one solution. Combining several of the existing Road Commander modules into one, the Mega Module provides a smaller footprint while maintaining all of its core features. This module allows the user the ability to control dimming circuits, high current devices such as water pumpers and heaters, shades, slide outs and generator functions as well as monitor tank levels and batteries. With 26 configurable low side inputs, the Mega Module gives users the options to select which ever switch type preferred. Additionally, an ignition input signal allows outputs to be locked out if so desired. Two 5/16” studs provide easy connections for power and ground, and common Mini‐fit and Faston connectors are used across the module to maintain industry standards.

Product Specification

Touch Controls

7.0" Touch Screen

The 7" Touch Screen from Intellitec Products LLC is the latest addition to the Road Commander series of products. The Touch screen is a flush mount 7 inch hardwired CANBUS capacitive touch LCD that has been designed to function with the Intellitec Road Commander system.
The Touch Screen is supplied pre-loaded with a Road Commander APP which currently controls the following functions - HVAC, slide outs, awnings, lighting, diming functions including “ scene ” programming, batteries & tanks reading and monitoring.
Within the Road Commander application is the ability to control “mood lighting scenes” with a just one button touch, these scenes can be configured and changed by the vehicle owner to suit their own requirements. These scenes could for example be “Reading” or “Party” where certain lights would dim to a % decided by the owner.

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Road Commander Software Downloads

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