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Warranty & Return Material Authorization

To begin the warranty process, the Warranty Submission Form needs to be filled out. The following information must be provided:

-Date you are requesting the warranty
-Customer Name and Address
-Contact information for the person requesting the return
-The Intellitec Product part number- Printed on the first line of the small label attached to the product
-The Date Code- The five numeric digits on the second line of the label
-The date you originally received the parts
-Describe the reason for return, this can aid in diagnosing a problem

Once completing the form, email it to our Customer Service Department at:

Once processed, you will receive a Returned Material Authorization Number (RMA #). After receiving the completed form back from Intellitec Products including the RMA #, you may return the product or products by mailing them to:

Intellitec Products, LLC
1485 Jacobs Rd
DeLand, FL 32724
Attention: RMA

Include the RMA Number on the exterior of the shipping container and a copy of the Warranty Submission Form (52-00016-000) inside with the returned parts for internal analysis. It typically takes 30 days from receipt of shipment for analysis. Once a warranty determination has been made, a copy of the completed form with test results will be returned to the requester if necessary.

Below are documents that are necessary for completing the warranty process:

Warranty Policy
Warranty Instructions Doc
Warranty Submission Form