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Intelligent Use of Technology

Battery Guard® 2000


Battery Guard 2000® constantly monitors the available battery power when the engine or charging system is off. If the battery voltage drops below 12.1 V or 24.1 V a voltage sensitive timer is triggered within the ECU is triggered.
By removing all loads connected to it, the Battery Guard 2000® prevents any additional power consumption, allowing enough battery charge to start the engine.
The operator can also manually disconnect the battery by pressing and holding the reset switch for 3 seconds.

Part Numbers

12V Models:
00-00660-120 w/ Auto Reconnect (potted black)
00-00660-121UNP w/out Auto Reconnect (not potted)
00-00660-122 w/out Auto Reconnect (potted black)

24V Models:
00-00660-241 w/out Auto Reconnect (potted clear)
00-00660-243 w/out Auto Reconnect (potted black)