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Battery Guard® 1000


The Battery Guard® 1000 helps prevents "dead batteries". By disconnecting the battery load from the battery before it becomes too discharged, the Battery Guard® 1000 protects the battery from potential damage. It is designed to be used in vehicles with 12‐volt electrical systems. The Battery Guard® 1000 is an improved and simplified solution to the well‐recognized Intellitec Battery Guard®.

Battery Guard® 1000 Features

- Automatic low voltage disconnect and reconnect when conditions are safe
- 100 Amp continuous load capacity
- Mechanical latch requires no current to maintain status
- Factory configurable parameters
- Disconnect and reconnect verification with automatic retry
- Momentary low-side switch input toggles between connected and disconnected state
- Quick connect terminals for easy wire installation

Battery Guard® 1000 Kit with LED Push Button Switch


The Battery Guard® 1000 Kit is a plug and play system designed to prevent batteries from low voltage conditions and potential damage. Included in the kit is a sleek stainless steel switch with a built in LED indicator that allows the user manual-control as well as feedback status of the battery system.

The Kit includes:
- (1) Battery Guard® 1000
- (1) Battery Guard® Switch with LED Indicator
- (1) 10 ft Harness
- (1) 10 ft Extension Harness

Battery Downtime Cost Calculator

Below is Intellitec's Battery Downtime Cost Calculator. This tool is designed for you to register how costly a dead battery can be to your business's operation. A dead battery can lead to lost time, money, project delays or even reputational harm. Learn how much our automatic battery disconnect can save you by filling out the fields in grey and clicking "Calculate".

Enter local tax rate in %
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Average cost per jumpstart
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Total annual jumpstart cost per truck
Annual battery downtime per truck in days
Profit per vehicle per day
Calculated battery downtime cost per year
Total burden per truck per year
Cost of battery guard system supply and fit (ex tax)
Total cost of battery guard installed
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Total fleet expenditure saving 1st year
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Part Numbers

00-01118-000 - Single Unit
10-01118-000 - Kit