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Battery Guard® 1000


The Battery Guard® 1000 helps prevents "dead batteries". By disconnecting the battery load from the battery before it becomes too discharged, the Battery Guard® 1000 protects the battery from potential damage. It is designed to be used in vehicles with 12‐volt electrical systems. The Battery Guard® 1000 is an improved and simplified solution to the well‐recognized Intellitec Battery Guard®.

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Battery Guard® 1000 Features

- Automatic low voltage disconnect and reconnect when conditions are safe
- 100 Amp continuous load capacity
- Mechanical latch requires no current to maintain status
- Factory configurable parameters
- Disconnect and reconnect verification with automatic retry
- Momentary low-side switch input toggles between connected and disconnected state
- Quick connect terminals for easy wire installation

Buying Options

Battery Guard® 1000 Kit with LED Push Button Switch


The Battery Guard® 1000 Kit is a plug and play system designed to prevent batteries from low voltage conditions and potential damage. Included in the kit is a sleek stainless steel switch with a built in LED indicator that allows the user manual-control as well as feedback status of the battery system.

The Kit includes:
- (1) Battery Guard® 1000
- (1) Battery Guard® Switch with LED Indicator
- (1) 10 ft Harness
- (1) 10 ft Extension Harness

Chief Gordon

Oakland University Police Department

Like so many Departments, the Oakland University Police Department has been plagued with dead batteries in our patrol cars for several years. We have tried every approach thinkable to address this issue with no solution, until now. We recently found out about the battery guard devices produced by Intellitec Products. We listened to a brief presentation on how this device works and we were instantly hooked. We have placed these devices on several of our patrol cars and the device works exactly as promised. No more dead batteries for us!! We are extremely happy with the results of the Battery Guard 1000.


KC Truck Systems

We use the Intellitec Battery Guard system on a customer's fleet vehicle that were previously having issues with dead batteries over a weekend with work tools and equipment being left on or charging in the vehicle. The battery guard has saved our customer from needing to replace dead batteries in the field sooner than necessary and has saved them both time and money in the long run. Great quality product, we have yet to have a warranty issue from the customer on an installed unit, and great customer service every time.

Buying Options

Part Numbers

00-01118-000 - Single Unit
10-01118-000 - Kit