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Technical Support

Product Support

Inquiring about product support? Email to our Technical Support team. This is the best method of contacting us to help with sourcing a product, upgrading components, trouble shooting or other related issues with an Intellitec Product. When sending an email to our technical support, include the following information:

- Name and Contact Information
- Product Number (formatted XX-XXXXX-XXX)
- Reason for support, i.e. "Can't find replacement part"
- Make/Model/Year of RV that the product was in
- Any pictures of components or system that can aid in diagnosing the issue

To send an email, click HERE. We look forward to helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

For obsolete or older product repairs, Intellitec Products, LLC has a partnership with M&M RV Electronics. Their expert technicians can diagnose and service older parts and rebuild them to like new. For more information, visit M&M RV Electronics, or give them a call at (419) 965-3014

Warranty Submission

Having an issue with a new product? Intellitec offers a one year warranty for our products. To begin the warranty process, the Warranty Submission Form needs to be filled out. The following information must be provided:

-Date you are requesting the warranty
-Customer Name and Address
-Contact information for the person requesting the return
-The Intellitec Product part number- Printed on the first line of the small label attached to the product
-The Date Code- The five numeric digits on the second line of the label
-The date you originally received the parts
-Describe the reason for return, this can aid in diagnosing a problem

Once completing the form, email it to our Customer Service. When processed, you will receive a Returned Material Authorization Number. After receiving the completed form back from Intellitec Products including the RMA Number, you may return the product or products by mailing them to:

Intellitec Products, LLC
1485 Jacobs Rd
DeLand, FL 32724
Attention: RMA

Include the RMA Number on the exterior of the shipping container and a copy of the Warranty Submission Form (52-00016-000) inside with the returned parts for internal analysis. It typically takes 30 days from receipt of shipment for analysis. Once a warranty determination has been made, a copy of the completed form with test results will be returned to the requester if necessary.

Below are documents that are necessary for completing the warranty process:

Warranty Submission Form
Instructions to Complete Warranty Submission Form