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Technical Support

Need help with sourcing a product, upgrading components, trouble shooting or other related issues with an Intellitec Product? Send an email to our technical support, include the following information:

- Name and Contact Information
- Product Number (formatted XX-XXXXX-XXX)
- Reason for support, i.e. "Can't find replacement part"
- Make/Model/Year of RV that the product was in
- Any pictures of components or system that can aid in diagnosing the issue

To send an email, click HERE. We look forward to helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

For obsolete or older product repairs, Intellitec Products, LLC has a partnership with M&M RV Electronics. Their expert technicians can diagnose and service older parts and rebuild them to like new. For more information, visit M&M RV Electronics, or give them a call at (419) 965-3014