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Intelligent Use of Technology

10 Button 24V PMC Switch Panel

Intellitec’s Programmable Keypads 00-00879-010, and 00-00879-210 are members of Intellitec's Programmable Multiplex Control Family, as well as the 160 Channel Multipoint Switching System (RV Multiplex). They work in combination with the 160 Channel IPX Master (00-00837-000) or the PMC CPUs (00-01015-120 ) and other standard, semi-custom, or custom I/O modules.

- Available in 4, 6 and 10 button versions
- Available with Green back lighting and Red Indicators, or Green back lighting and Amber indicators
- Units have extra bright LEDs that can be dimmed via PMC programming or software
- Push button legends are easily created and applied by the installer
- Programmable via a Windows interface and GUI provided by Intellitec. Each button, indicator and back lighting can be easily programmed by the installer to communicate on any PMC System, or Multipoint Switching System channels
- Wall cover plates are available in white, black, or pumice
- Keypads can be mounted behind a panel with cut-outs, or on the surface with wall cover plates

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