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Replacement for 50 Amp EMS Controller Model 760 (53-00684-000)

An older version of the Energy Management System in need of replacement

Problem: I am looking for the direct replacement for the 50 Amp EMS Controller Model 760 (53-00684-000).

Solution: The installed Energy Management System is no longer available.  The current production part numbers for the replacement board and Remote EMS display are shown below:

00-00894-200  – Upgrade kit for the Main EMS board

00-00903-150  – Replacement display panel

11-00903-000  – J2 pigtail

11-00903-100  – J5 pigtail

This includes adapter cables, (11-00903-000 and -100), to match your OEM cable harness installed on the coach. 


-The existing OEM wire harness for the J5 connector will have a spare wire that should be capped at each of the harness since it will not be used.  Each end of this harness is inside the distribution panel and at the remote display end. 

-Need to set the DIPSWITCH settings to the same position for the replacement board as it was done on the original board.

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