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Intelligent Use of Technology

4 Input / 6 FET Output Module


The 00-00846-XYZ is a member of Intellitec's Programmable Multiplex Control family. It works in combination with the PMC CPU and other standard, semi-custom, or custom I/O modules.

The 00-00846-XYZ provides power-fusing, switching, and distribution in one module. With it's six, solid-state, high- side outputs it is capable of controlling a total of 37or 50 Amps. Please refer to the tables in the datasheets for proper load distribution.

There are four input connections for rocker, limit, or sensor switches. Each individual input can be configured as either a low-side switch to ground, or a high-side switch to battery. Input information is directly communicated to the CPU via the PMC communications link.

Buying Options (00-00846-516)

Part Numbers

12V Models:
00-00846-516 (50A)
00-00846-616 (37A)

24V Models:
00-00846-506 (50A)
00-00846-606 (37A)