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Intelligent Use of Technology

6 Channel Output w/ Preset Scene Control


The PMC Output Modules 00-00937 are members of Intellitec's Programmable Multiplex Control family, as well as the 160 Channel Multipoint Switching System. Theseoutput modules work in combination with the PMC CPU or the 160 channel IPX Master and other standard, semicustom, or custom I/O modules. They provide solid-state outputs with the capability of dimming lights and allow the vehicle user to preset 4 different scenes.

The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution. Switching is accomplished via long life, field effect transistors instead of relays. Four outputs are rated at a maximum of 10 Amps and two outputs are rated at a maximum of 20 Amps . The total module current is limited by the “I squared rule".

Part Numbers

12V Model:

24V Model: