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Flex Module


The Multiplex Flex I/O Module is a member of Intellitec’s Programmable Multiplex Control family. It works in combination with the PMC CPU or the 160 channel IPX master and other standard, semi-custom, or custom I/O modules. The module can be used on either 12 or 24 volt systems.

The module provides power switching and distribution with electronic overload protection. The module provides a total of 24 input channels and 38 output channels. Eighteen of the input channels are configured as high-side inputs and the remaining 6 are configured as low-side inputs. Twenty-four of the output channels are rated up to 3A, 12 channels up to10A, and 2 channels up to 20A. Switching is accomplished via long-life field effect transistors. Each output channel may be assigned to any of the 160 channels on a PMC loop. Out-puts may be paralleled to provide greater current capability. Total current of all the output channels may not exceed 80 amps.

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