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Time Management in Emergency Situations

An EMT has just secured the patient into the ambulance, hooking them up to the necessary monitors and medical equipment. With the patient hooked up and rescue under way, for the EMT, managing their time is crucial. In a chaotic situation, keeping things under control and orderly is the key to the successful transfer.

To assist the EMT in tracking vitals and initiating protocols, Intellitec offers the Emergency Time Manager, an emergency vehicle control, to assist the EMT in the interior of the ambulance.

The Emergency Time Manager offers four functions to assist the EMT:

  1. Time of day in hours and minutes
  2. LED sweep second hand
  3. Elapsed time in hours and minutes
  4. 4 timer buttons to set alarm from 1 to 90 minutes

How the Emergency Time Manager Works

With a simple and proven design and function, the Emergency Time Manager is a perfect solution for tracking and monitoring time.


The Emergency Time Manager offers an easy to read 4-digit display in hours and minutes. This function allows for a “time of day” mode and an “elapsed time” mode, displayed in hours and minutes. Additionally, there is a “timer” mode displayed in minutes and seconds. When in “timer” mode, an audible alarm will sound at the end of a timing event.

Around the digital time readout is a sweeping second hand made up of 60 LED lights. This function allows for an easy-to-read visualization of time movement.


This ambulance control offers multiple inputs to control how the time will be displayed and monitored. The buttons are designed to easily be seen and pushed in a hectic environment.

The first control input is the elapsed time start/stop button. This operates by counting the elapsed time from zero in hours and minutes. Pushing the “timer’ button pauses the time.

The clock/timer button allows the output to switch between the time of day and elapsed time modes. When displaying the time of day, the timer will continue operating in the background.

1-, 2-, 5-, and 10-minute time interval buttons are located on the right side of the Emergency Time Manager. These allow the EMT to quickly set a timer for a predetermined amount of time. Holding the minute button will increment in multiples of the chosen time. The timers can be set up to 90 minutes. Setting individual timers will not affect other previously set countdowns or timers running in the background.


Intellitec’s Emergency Time Manager is a simple and practical solution to time management in an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. To learn more about the Emergency Time Manager, control systems for specialty vehicles, power distribution or energy management, head over to