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Battery Protection in RVs

Do you have electrical loads draining your vehicle’s battery bank? Never have a dead battery again with the Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect. This smart electronic is perfect for utility, trucking, construction, marine, RV or other electrical systems that have strenuous loads on the battery bank.

The Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect is a simple solution to preventing against dead batteries. This RV electronic measures the battery voltage levels and disconnects the battery from the load when the voltage drops below a preset threshold. Additionally, the battery will reconnect to the loads when the battery’s voltage level is at a safe level for operation.

The technology for the Battery Guard 1000 is the next step in the Battery Guard line of smart battery disconnects. Built on Intellitec’s proven and patented Battery Disconnect Relay (#4,628,289), this RV electronic operates using a mechanical latch to prevent parasitic current draw when the Battery Guard 1000 is operating. This also prevents the need for power to operate the latching mechanism when latched.

Designed to work in recreational vehicles with 12-volt electrical systems, the has a continuous load capacity of 100 Amps. The Battery Guard 1000 is configurable to custom parameters set by the user.

To recap, the Battery Guard 1000 is a smart battery disconnect that feature:

-Automatic low voltage disconnecting and reconnecting

-Disconnect and reconnect verification with automatic retry

-100 Amp continuous load capacity

-Mechanical latching requires no current draw to maintain status

-Factory configurable parameters

-Momentary low-side switch input toggles between connected and disconnected state

-Quick Connect terminals for easy wire installation

-300 mA high-side alarm output for indicating disconnected, reconnected, and low voltage state

The Battery Guard 1000 also comes in a kit. The kit comes with a wire harness and LED pushbutton switch to operate the battery disconnect from the comfort of your coach. No longer crawl and dig into the RV’s battery storage space to disconnect the batteries. The LED switch also offers the status of the system. When connected the LED ring will light up. Additionally, the LED ring will flash to display any issues the system may be having.

To learn more about the Battery Guard 1000 or any of Intellitec’s other battery protection devices, check out Intellitec’s Product Page or reach out to our Application’s Engineering Manager.