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Battery Guard® 1000


The Battery Guard® 1000 helps prevents "dead batteries". By disconnecting the battery load from the battery before it becomes too discharged, the Battery Guard® 1000 protects the battery from potential damage. It is designed to be used in vehicles with 12‐volt electrical systems. The Battery Guard® 1000 is an improved and simplified solution to the well‐recognized Intellitec Battery Guard®.

Battery Guard® 1000 Features

- Automatic low voltage disconnect and reconnect when conditions are safe
- 100 Amp continuous load capacity
- Mechanical latch requires no current to maintain status
- Factory configurable parameters
- Disconnect and reconnect verification with automatic retry
- Momentary low-side switch input toggles between connected and disconnected state
- Quick connect terminals for easy wire installation

Battery Guard® 1000 Kit with LED Push Button Switch


The Battery Guard® 1000 Kit is a plug and play system designed to prevent batteries from low voltage conditions and potential damage. Included in the kit is a sleek stainless steel switch with a built in LED indicator that allows the user manual-control as well as feedback status of the battery system.

The Kit includes:
- (1) Battery Guard® 1000
- (1) Battery Guard® Switch with LED Indicator
- (1) 10 ft Harness
- (1) 10 ft Extension Harness

Part Numbers

00-01118-000 - Single Unit
10-01118-000 - Kit