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Upgrading an RV Electrical System

The RVIA Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Survey

Buying an RV is a big undertaking. Figuring out how much you’ll be using it, what you will be using it for, and how much to spend are all factored into finding the right RV model for you. After researching and deciding, most would assume that everything is perfect and ready to go. Unfortunately that is not always the case. In fact, the RV Industry Association has found that after purchasing an RV, whether new or used, those surveyed suggested there is at least one type of improvement needed for their RV. This shows there are gaps in what the buyer is looking for and what is available.

Battery and Energy Management Systems

The RVIA’s Aftermarket Survey found that 34% of those surveyed felt their RV needed updates or additions to the electrical system. With 61% of RVers satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their electrical system, this creates an aftermarket opportunity for upgrades. With technology improving and more demand for RVing and getting away, having an up to date RV electrical system can save one the trouble of replacing RV batteries before they become damaged or allowing one to enjoy the full capabilities of the RV lifestyle.

Intellitec Products, LLC introduced the Battery Guard® 1000 (00-01118-000). The simplified design combines Intellitec’s famous Battery Disconnect with the functionality of the Battery Guard® systems allows for automatic load disconnection when there is either too much strain on a system or if the BG1K senses the battery bank is running low, allowing the battery to be preserved. Once the BG1K senses a charging potential for the batteries, the system will automatically reconnect, allowing the batteries to recharge. This battery management system allows Rvers to fully enjoy the capabilities of the RV, without worrying if you’ll have enough energy to get home.

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