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Risks of Renting Out Your RV

RV rentals are growing as people want to get away with their families with the freedom of the great outdoors.

Renting out an RV can be a smart decision. During this past year in the pandemic, the need to escape to the wilderness and get away has greatly increased. Websites like Cruise America, El Monte and Outdoorsy currently make it easy to rent a RV for use. While not everyone can afford to buy an RV, renting one may make more sense to experience the open road. Renting your RV out has many perks.

Not only does renting your RV share the RV lifestyle with others, but it is also a good way to keep your RV in drive-ready shape during periods you would not be using it. Rather than have your RV sit in storage while not in use, costing you either storage fees or maintenance and upkeep time to ensure the electrical system is not damaged from inactivity.

The best reason for renting your vehicle out is to gain passive income. An RV is a big investment, requiring monthly payments that continue whether the RV is driven or not. Renting can subsidize your monthly payments, giving you more money for your adventures and allowing for a greater return on investment.

There are some drawbacks to renting out your RV. Renters can cause damage to your RV. Like any person operating a machine they are not used to, accidents can happen. While most rental sites offer insurance for the rented vehicle, the idea of your RV being damaged can prevent you from sharing the RV lifestyle while making some passive income.

Cameras help the user pull the RV into campsites or parking spaces.

New RV users are more likely to make a mistake while driving. Backing in and situating at a campsite can cause even an experienced driver to ding a post or tree. The cosmetic damage done to the vehicle can be a hassle when factoring getting the RV in, parts sourced and shipped, and then the actual repair happening. To prevent these kinds of situations, there are many cameras and sensors on the market to help the RV user park more comfortably and safely.

Cosmetic damage is not the only kind of damage an inexperienced driver can cause to the RV. An RV is unique compared to a car in that the renters are also living out of it. The normal RV renter is using the RV not only for sightseeing on the open road, but also as a camp site in remote locations. The urge to get situated and outside to explore the surroundings, while neglecting basic RV care can easily happen. This can lead to dead batteries in your RV, preventing your RV from returning home and ruining the RVer’s experience.

The renter may forget about disconnecting the coach battery because they did not see the disconnect switch. With most disconnect switches hidden away with other electrical components, inexperienced or novice renters may forget to turn the switch to disconnect.

While the outside of the vehicle has cameras and alarms to assist the renter, the electrical system is generally left up to memory or discovering the RV will not start when they go to leave. Intellitec Products has come up with a solution for preventing dead batteries: The Battery Guard® 1000. The Battery Guard® 1000 disconnects the battery from the system load when it senses the battery is at the low voltage threshold.

The Battery Guard 1000 protects the coach battery by disconnecting the battery from the system load before it becomes too drained.

Included with the Battery Guard® 1000 is a push button switch that informs the user through a green LED ring of whether the battery is connected to the system. This gives the RV user knowledge of the battery status and allows for easy disconnecting or reconnecting with the push of a button. Also available with RV-C capabilities, the Battery Guard® 1000 will keep your batteries protected, and your RV on the road.

The Battery Guard 1000 RV-C gives the user important battery information to the user, while also protecting the battery system.

If you are interested in learning more about the Battery Guard 1000 or energy management products, head over to our Products Page or the Contact Page where a member of our sales team can help solve your RV’s electrical needs.