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What is the Blue Item in the Big Boy Disconnect Relay?

Question: I purchased one of your 00-00507-512 Battery Disconnects. In the box was the relay as well as a small round blue item.  It has no labels so I’m not sure what it is. Answer: A varistor assembly or surge suppression part can be used with the Big Boy relay and is included in the…

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RV-C in RVs

About RV-C RV-C is a communications protocol based on CAN-bus or the Controller Area Network-bus. This system was created to allow for house and chassis components to communicate with each other, allowing for control, coordination, and system diagnostics. Originally developed by RVIA, it was approved for use in 2005. In 2008, RVIA opened the protocol…

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Risks of Renting Out Your RV

Renting out an RV can be a smart decision. During this past year in the pandemic, the need to escape to the wilderness and get away has greatly increased. Websites like Cruise America, El Monte and Outdoorsy currently make it easy to rent a RV for use. While not everyone can afford to buy an…

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Upgrading an RV Electrical System

The RVIA Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Survey Buying an RV is a big undertaking. Figuring out how much you’ll be using it, what you will be using it for, and how much to spend are all factored into finding the right RV model for you. After researching and deciding, most would assume that everything is…

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Intellitec Launches Integrated B.I.R.D. Battery Disconnect with RV-C Communications

Smart Disconnect Provides Superior Battery ManagementDeLand, Florida – Intellitec Products, LLC introduced the Integrated RV-C based Bi-directional Isolation Relay Disconnect (B.I.R.D.) today. The new product monitors the voltage of two battery sources and automatically links them when charging is available and required. Based on the new Battery Guard® 1000 platform, Intellitec can provide a complete…

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New Battery Guard® 1000 Smart Disconnect Prevents Dead Batteries

Intellitec Products, LLC Introduces the BG1000 at the RVX Show Salt Lake City Utah– Intellitec Products, LLC launched the Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect at the RVX show in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2019. The BG1000 alarms when the voltage is low and automatically disconnects power at a preset level to prevent…

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How much does a dead battery really cost you?

In 6 Simple steps, the fleet saving calculator enables you, using easily accessible financial information, to demonstrate the potential savings by specifying the Intellitec Battery Guard system. This calculator will not include hidden cost savings such as late delivery penalties, customer dissatisfaction, and damage to components from operating at low battery voltage, such as alternators,…

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