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RV-C in RVs

About RV-C

RV-C is a communications protocol based on CAN-bus or the Controller Area Network-bus. This system was created to allow for house and chassis components to communicate with each other, allowing for control, coordination, and system diagnostics.

Originally developed by RVIA, it was approved for use in 2005. In 2008, RVIA opened the protocol for worldwide use. RV’s equipped to handle RV-C communications were first developed in 2006 in America.

Since then, as electrical systems and the RV electronics on the system have gotten more sophisticated, RV-C capabilities have grown immensely. RV multiplex systems are beginning to incorporate RV-C capabilities to offer more features to the system, offering diagnostics for the electrical system. Additionally, when issues arise, the RV-C protocol allows the issue to be found.

Battery Guard® 1000 RV-C

Communication is important for monitoring your system’s health. Intellitec has created a smart battery disconnect that communicates on the RV-C network, the Battery Guard® 1000 RV-C. Offering automatic disconnecting and reconnecting, the BG1K RV-C also offers over-current and over-temperature shutdowns. Additionally, this smart RV electronic offers:

-100 Amp continuous load capacity for primary disconnect

-Mechanical latching prevents a parasitic draw while in operation

-Configurable parameters allow the BG1K RV-C to work with any battery type

-Automatic low voltage threshold disconnect and reconnect capabilities

-Inhibit feature to prevent unintended disconnects from the system

-Disconnect and reconnect verification with automatic retry

-Low side switch input toggles between connected and disconnected state

-300 mA high-side alarm output for indicating disconnected, reconnected, and low voltage state

-Over-temperature protection

-Ignition proof

-2 Amp auxiliary disconnect bypass for critical loads with unique low voltage parameters

-Load current monitoring for both primary and auxiliary disconnects

-Dual RV-C Communication ports (1 switched voltage, 1 constant voltage)

To learn more about the Battery Guard 1000 RV-C or any of Intellitec’s other battery protection devices, check out Intellitec’s Product Page or reach out to our Application’s Engineering Manager.