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What is the Blue Item in the Big Boy Disconnect Relay?

Question: I purchased one of your 00-00507-512 Battery Disconnects. In the box was the relay as well as a small round blue item.  It has no labels so I’m not sure what it is. Answer: A varistor assembly or surge suppression part can be used with the Big Boy relay and is included in the…

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Upgrading Slide Out Control 00-00737-000

The upgrade kit to migrate from 00-00737-000 to a production version, 00-00719-100/-200, is accomplished by ordering the following kit part number: 10-00719-400.  NOTE:  This module requires you to push and hold the slide out button during travel and will operate differently than the original slide out module, 00-00737-000.  You will need to install the cable…

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Tech Support: Replacement for 50 Amp EMS Controller Model 760 (53-00684-000)

Problem: I am looking for the direct replacement for the 50 Amp EMS Controller Model 760 (53-00684-000). Solution: The installed Energy Management System is no longer available.  The current production part numbers for the replacement board and Remote EMS display are shown below: 00-00894-200  – Upgrade kit for the Main EMS board 00-00903-150  – Replacement…

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RV-C in RVs

About RV-C RV-C is a communications protocol based on CAN-bus or the Controller Area Network-bus. This system was created to allow for house and chassis components to communicate with each other, allowing for control, coordination, and system diagnostics. Originally developed by RVIA, it was approved for use in 2005. In 2008, RVIA opened the protocol…

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Battery Protection in RVs

Do you have electrical loads draining your vehicle’s battery bank? Never have a dead battery again with the Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect. This smart electronic is perfect for utility, trucking, construction, marine, RV or other electrical systems that have strenuous loads on the battery bank. The Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect is…

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RV Multiplex Controls: Bluetooth Module

Connecting the Road Commander Multiplex System to your smart devices is enabled by the RoadCommander Bluetooth Module. The Bluetooth Module allows for your RV’s system controls and data to be accessible from a smartphone or tablet through our Road Commander App. The Bluetooth Module gives the user control over: -DC Management -Lighting -Slide Outs -Lifts…

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RV Multiplex Controls: Genset Interface Module

The Generator Interface Module is a RV electronic that allows the system to start and stop generators onboard a recreational vehicle. The Genset Interface is controllable via external switches, touchscreens, or smart devices through the Blue Tooth Module. Additionally, this module provides real time generator status information. Able to be controlled manually or automatically, this…

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RV Multiplex Controls: HVAC Interface Module

This week’s featured Road Commander Multiplexing module is the HVAC Interface Module. This RV electronic provides an interface between the Road Commander System and the RV’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This multiplexing module operates industry standard HVAC systems and is operated through the Road Commander Touchscreens or Mobile App for your smart device.…

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RV Multiplex Control Systems: Systems Monitor Module

The next module in the Road Commander Multiplex Control System for RVs is the Systems Monitor Module. Simply put, this module provides graphical depictions of the health and status of your recreational vehicle. The System Monitor Module interprets the battery voltages for up to four battery banks, as well as the tank level status for…

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RV Multiplex Control Systems: H Bridge High Current IO Module

The next module featured in the Road Commander Multiplex Control System for RV’s is the H Bridge High Current IO Module. The module is designed as a multipurpose module capable of driving high current loads. This RV electronic can be configured for different uses. When configured as a slide-out module, the high current module can…

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